IDD Therapy

Spinal Decompression

  • Promotes healing by reducing compression surrounding the injured disc
  • Reduces pain by relieving pressure and re-educating the surrounding muscle tissues
  • IDD Therapy® was developed in collaboration with top neurosurgeons and FDA cleared
  • The ONLY treatment with patented Oscillation technology to encourage spinal regeneration
  • Exceptionally effective with a superior safety record making IDD Therapy the “Doctor’s Choice”
  • IDD Therapy® is a highly advanced spinal decompression treatment clinically proven to reduce pain..

Our Unique Technology Rises Above Other Spinal Decompression Options

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The Accu-SPINA® stands out from other spinal decompression options on the market due to the utilization of three separate waveforms delivered based on the parameters set by the treating clinician (sinusoidal, triangular, or square waveforms). Additionally, it produces a unique, patented, secondary waveform called oscillation, which is a key component elevating IDD Therapy® above other treatment options.

For example, one of the most common problems caused by disc issues is pain located at the bottom of the back, the Accu-SPINA’s delivery method allows for highly specific mobilization, or distraction, of the targeted spinal segment (in the case of the lower back, L4 or L5) to improve functional performance. Fully computer-directed, the treatment regimen can be duplicated or modified as needed for any spinal segment and can be adjusted over the course of the patient’s full rehabilitative treatment

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